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We make it easy for you to subscribe to great non-profits from your phone.

Because it matters.

Subscribing is better.

It’s better for great non-profits and easier for you. When non-profits know how much money they have every month, they’re able to be more efficient and ultimately more effective with your support.

Great non-profits only.

Great non-profits are non-profits that are effective and transparent with their money. And we support great non-profits because we know that they want the same thing that we want: to help more people.

More transparent data.

We’re building the tools to help show you what your monthly support really means to the people you’re here to help. It’s not about giving $5/month, it’s about what your $5/month does to help people.

Personalized measurable impact.

When you support great non-profits, your personal impact is much greater than you think. And we think you deserve to know, so we track your support every month to help you see how much your support really matters.

A smarter way to help people.

Everybody Helping makes it easier for you to subscribe to great non-profits from your phone and then measure your personal impact over time with more transparent data.

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